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Genesis - The Life Sciences Society

Students of Life Sciences department have formed a voluntary student society named 'GENESIS'. The society hosts discussions, talks and events for students & researchers from biology as well as non-biology backgrounds who are interested in the biological sciences. The society is sponsored and funded by the department students and faculties.

Genesis, the Life Sciences Society was founded in October 2015 with an aim to inculcate and disseminate relevant scientific knowledge through an interactive medium. It acts as a platform for Scientists, Students from various backgrounds and disciplines to collaborate and discuss on recent advances in research. Students are encouraged to explore numerous scintillating branches of the biology; engage in questions related to life sciences and network.

The society is actively involved in organizing seminars and debates. Our talk series “SYNAPSE” is highly popular among the scientific committee. This year we launched our blog and discussion forum as an extension of our bi-annual newsletter - Central Dogma.

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Outgoing Core Committee (as of 2017-18):

Secretary:  Sai Sangeetha.B

Associate Secretaries: Srihari Negi and Akanksha Awasthi

Treasurer: Priyamvada Kumar

Present Core Committee(as of 201819):

Secretary:  Srihari Negi

Associate Secretaries: Shraddha Krishnakumar and Surabhi Oberoi

Treasurer: Tanya Mathur

Meet The Team

Faculty Advisor
Faculty Advisor
Shri Hari Negi
Shraddha Krishnakumar
Associate Secretary
Surabhi Oberoi
Associate Secretary
Tanya Mathur