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  • Protein Structure Biology Lab

    Protein Structure Biology Lab

    Our research interests have been largely focused on the functional characterization of essential metabolic or therapeutically important proteins aiming to develop new drugs/therapeutics against... read more

  • Neurooncology and neurovascular disease development

    NeuroOncology & NeuroVascular Disease

    Neuro-Oncological diseases are among the deadliest form of cancer. These disease consist of brain and spinal cord neoplasms including astrocytomas, gliomas, glioblastoma multiforme, ependymoma,... read more

  • Cancer Pharmacology Laboratory

    Cancer is one of the top five non-communicable diseases claiming millions of lives every year. Despite an astounding advancement in understanding the biology of the disease and imparting care for... read more

  • Neurobiology

    The lab is currently focussed to investigate altered brain communications related to cognitive abilities in autistic brain and decipher the underlying attenuated molecular mechanism in idiopathic... read more


    Cell culture systems for Hepatitis C and E Viruses One of the main goal of our laboratory is to explore HCV Gt3 and Gt4 in vitro replication system. Bioselection is based on similar strategy as... read more


    Lab's  focus is on the Drug Discovery against HEV  at Transcription and Post-translational level: The four enzymes of HEV, Methyl Transferase, Cysteine Protease, Helicase and RNA... read more

  • Protein Homeostasis Lab

    Project 1: Elucidating the novel regulators of mitochondrial protein quality control Mitochondrial dysfunction and loss of proteostasis have been designated as two major hallmarks of aging.... read more

  • Plant molecular biology

    Plant Molecular Biology Lab

    Role of G-quadruplexes in plant development Genetic information in the cell is determined not only by the nucleic acid sequence but also by the chemical modifications (such as cytosine... read more

  • Chromatin Biology & Epigenetics Lab

    Chromatin Remodelling Factors & Nuclear Receptor Signalling Since epigenetic regulators are critical for many basic biological processes, our lab is interested in elucidating the chromatin... read more

  • Translational Bioinformatics & Computational Genomics Lab

    Cancer Genomics and Bioinformatics Existing projects are emphasized on meta-analysis of cancer gene expression studies. This will provide information of significant genes and aberrant pathways... read more

  • Cancer Cell Signalling

    Cancer Cell Signalling lab is currently working in understanding the changes in cellular signalling pathways during drug resistance development and disease progression in colo-rectal cancers. The... read more

  • Bacterial Morphogenesis

    Bacterial cell wall morphogenesis: Bacteria have a peptidoglycan cell wall which maintains cell shape and combats osmotic stress. Far from being static, the peptidoglycan is highly dynamic and... read more