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Thematic Botanic Garden

Shiv Nadar Thematic Botanic Garden a New Concept

The Thematic Botanic Garden at Shiv Nadar IoE was conceptualized as a main garden with separate theme gardens of different categories of plants. The garden is a unique concept where cultivated and wild plants of economic importance and vulnerable from the conservation point of view are grouped based on their uses, habits, or taxonomic groups. Besides playing a crucial role in conservation and research on various genotypes conserved in the garden, it provides an opportunity to see a wide range of plants belonging to the same theme/category/group in one place, which is otherwise not possible in a classical botanic garden. Each theme/group/category is in the form of mini gardens within the large main garden. The unique Thematic Botanic Garden, established to increase awareness about a wide variety of plants with which we deal in our daily life and conserve their unique germplasm for education and research purpose, is the first of its kind in northern India. It provides an opportunity for the visitor to explore plants, which are becoming rare and uncommon but economically significant due to various anthropogenic factors that are not observed in any of the botanic gardens except in their native range of cultivation.

We invite you to come and explore the local flora and fauna on campus, which play a vital role in preserving native plant species. Visit our thematic botanic gardens with many interesting trails and learn how to grow your micro-greens. Scheduled for the inauguration ceremony on 15 March 2023, 4:30 PM onwards, AB Atrium at Shiv Nadar IoE Delhi NCR Campus.

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