Minor in Biotechnology | Department of Life Sciences

Minor in Biotechnology

The minimal credit requirement for a minor in biotechnology is 21 credits, out of which 12 credits are compulsory

The department of life sciences is offering a minor degree to students pursuing various major degrees across university.

The department has 10 seats reserved for students opting for a minor degree.

The criteria for selection of students for a minor will be based on the overall CGPA and followed by an interview by the departmental committee.

For getting a minor degree the students have to complete a minimum of 21 credits in life science department, which includes some compulsory course work and some optional course work.

The four compulsory courses have to be completed by each student to receive the minor degree.

Apart from these each student is required to take a minimum of three optional courses.

Each student opting for a minor degree has to pass in all the compulsory courses. The compulsory courses are as listed below:

CODECourse Name Credits
BIO 201Cell Biology and Genetics3
BIO 206Fundamentals of Molecular Biology3
BIO 202Microbiology3
BIO 204Biochemistry3

All courses offered to BSc Research in Biotechnology major students in the III, IV, V and VI semesters can be taken as optional courses for the minor degree.